I’ve always been interested in nature and it’s inhabitants, so it should come as no surprise that one evolution of my photography this year is to focus on wildlife imagery. 

After seeing an exhibit at the Natural History Museum, the fire began to burn a bit brighter. So, with an exciting trip out west on the books, I thought it was time to dip my toes in the water and pick up a lens to allow me to do some wildlife photos. I was fortunate enough to find a good deal locally on a used Canon 100-400mm lens. 
I was so excited to take it out for a quick test shoot after work, but with limited daylight this time of year, I had little to no expectations. Call it fate, good fortune or straight up luck, but just as I was about to call it quits and head back to my jeep, this furry little fox ran across the field next to me. 

Unfortunately, he was quite far away from me, and the sun had already set, so I was pushing the lens to the extreme. Out of about 25 blurry or dark shots, this one single image caught my attention. Not super sharp, not overly amazing, not even print worthy necessarily… but a glimmer of hope and excitement. I can’t wait to put this lens to some more use and go out on some shoots specifically planning to capture some wildlife imagery. I know where this little fellow calls home now, so hopefully I can catch him in all his glory someday soon. 

More to come. #KeepCapturing 🦊